altmetric-small ID

Fetches the article corresponding to the given PubMed ID (pmid).


Parameter Required Accepts Description
PMID Yes Any valid PMID

Response object

See the /citations/x call.


To return detailed information about the article with PMID 21148220:

curl ''

Or try it now:

Example response

   "title":"Christmas 2010: The Lives of Doctors: Bicycle weight and commuting time: randomised trial",
      "Interesting study: 'A lighter bicycle did not lead to a detectable difference in commuting time.' #weightweenies",
      "Para los bicianorxicos: Estudio demuestra que una bici liviana no hace diferencia en tiempo de traslado urbano",
      "Cyclists may find it more cost effective to reduce own weight rather than to purchase a lighter bicycle.",
      "Bike weight commuting time: No diff if you ride a steel lug, it turns out."
   "journal":"BMJ : British Medical Journal",
      "small": "",
      "medium": "",
      "large": ""
   "details_url": ""