altmetric-small ID

Fetches the article corresponding to the given Altmetric article ID. Note that these IDs are unstable over the medium term, you're much better off using a DOI, arXiv ID or PMID if you're able.


Parameter Required Accepts Description
Altmetric ID Yes An altmetric article ID

Response object

See the /citations/x call.


To return detailed information about the article with ID 241939:

curl ''

Or try it now:

Example response

   "title":"Climate change will hit genetic diversity",
      "Researchers find that when climate change threatens the existence of species, it threatens genetic diversity, too",
      "Climate change and genetic diversity (NatureNews)",
      "Climate change will hit genetic diversity: Probable loss of 'cryptic' variation a challenge for conservationists.",
      "#Climate change will hit genetic diversity - Nature News #biodiversity #environment"
   "journal":"Nature News",
      "small": "",
      "medium": "",
      "large": ""
   "details_url": ""